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       To break the monotony of online classes and the lockdown situation, the students had an online        sit-and-draw competition. Every student from class 3 to class 12 participated. They were divided into various categories. This was done online via Zoom. The students had 1 hour and 20 minutes in which to complete their drawings and submit them.

          We are grateful to our alumni, the batch of 2000, who have helped us to organize this.

          The themes were as follows :

          1. My Favourite superhero / cartoon character.

          2. Monsoons in Darjeeling

          3. A locked down day in Darjeeling

          4. Salute to Corona Warriors.

          We are happy to announce the results today.

          Watch this space for more !!

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CATEGORY I - My Favourite Superhero / Cartoon Character

DIVYAM CL 5 - 1ST.jpg
SHRADHA CL 5 - 2ND.jpg

2nd - Sradha Thapa - Class 5

1st - Divyam Rasaily - Class 5

AAGHAZ CL 5 - 3RD.jpg

3rd - Aaghaz Gurung - Class 5

PRIYAM CL 8 - 1ST.jpg

1st - Priyam Tamang - Class 8

BHASVAN - CL 7 - 3RD.jpg

3rd - Bhasvan Moktan - Class 7

2nd - Prathana Gurung - Class 8

CATEGORY II - Monsoons in Darjeeling

CATEGORY III - A Locked Down in Darjeeling

SNEHA - CL 10 - 1ST.jpg

1st - Sneha Gurung - Class 10

NIKHIL CL 10 - 2ND.jpg

2nd - Nikhil Rai -  Class 10

SWIKRITI - CL 9 - 3RD.jpg

3rd - Swikrity Thapa - Class 9

CATEGORY IV - Salute the Corona Warriors

ARYA CL 11 - 1ST.jpg

1st - Arya Tamang - Class 11

DRISHTI CL 12 - 2ND.jpg
SAGARIKA - 12 H - 3RD.jpg

3rd - Sagarika Subba - Class 12

2nd - Drishti Chettri -  Class 12

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